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Counter Strike 1.6 Mapping – Introduction


Counter strike is just one of the games which never go out of style. Actually, it is the most memorable match of its kind and the only person who has stood the test of time. The most popular version is Counter Strike 1.6 and it is not surprising that millions of gamers are still thinking about creating custom titles, spray logos and also maps.

Mapping has become easily the most interesting portion of this game and many advanced players have turned in to mappers over night. Many of these simply wanted to play with their favorite game on a comfortable or custom grade, but others did it because they wanted to offer something back into the community csgo accounts. Each one of the programs you require for establishing a map are free and several tutorials can be found online. This means that everything you could need for creating your very own CS map would be actually a computer and a lot of patience.

Most people don’t know that, however when this game first appeared, only a handful of maps have been still available. On precisely the exact same mapping platform employed with most people at Valve, many gamers have started to build their own maps that happen to be downloaded literally by countless: fy_snow, aim_map or fy_iceworld are simply a few of many renowned examples.

Keeping the match fresh is easier because we can today all add our contribution on it and some do it better than others. Creating a very simple map will not take over the usual number of hours and complicated

will probably need days if not weeks. The most useful aspect of this all is that you never need to have a high performance PC because neither the match although the mapping editor demands high tools.