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How to Find Cheap Food in Paris


When you travel in the Europe, one of the most expensive things that you have to pay for is food. This is especially critical in the current economic climate with the Euro being comparatively stronger than other currencies like the British pound or the US dollar. Usually travelers had to allocate a significant portion of their travel budget for meals. Only the well seasoned travelers escaped this dilemma, this was simply because they knew their way around these places cheap food sweden.

So what could the other travelers do and how can they find out cheap food in Paris?

Nowadays this is fairly simple due to the availability of a large number of online resources such as websites and forums specializing in budget travel. All that you would have to do is to search for “cheap food in Paris” in your favorite search engine or website search facility.

As to the availability of affordable meals in Paris my favorites would be the bakeries that sell great sandwiches and pastries. If I am on a medium budget I usually look for Chinese food. There are so many Chinese restaurants in Paris you can either opt for a takeaway meal or have a sit down meal at the restaurant. One thing you had to be careful with this option is that they usually charge by the weight of the food. Here’s the trick : If it is for one person I’d normally order the smallest portion and make sure that they don’t pack it all the way to increase the weight (since they charge by weight).

Paris is a great place with many lovely places to see. So it is extremely important that you save your money for sightseeing and at the same time have a great dining experience on a budget by finding cheap food in Paris.