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What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Gives Out


At some point, every air conditioner gives up. Some die out completely and need to be replaced, but most are just temporarily out of service. They may need replacement parts, or they may need cleaned up a bit. They may just need a filter change if you have been too neglectful in your maintenance duties. You will never know exactly what is needed until you follow these steps to get air con services for your system:

1. Turn off your air conditioner and turn on ceiling fans or box fans to keep your home as cool as possible.

No matter what is wrong with you air conditioner, it is important to turn the system completely off to avoid causing more damage to the system. This is especially true if the vents are blowing hot air or you notice strange noises or other malfunctioning in the outside air conditioning unit. Once the system is off, you can cool your house with fans or window air conditioners if you have them. Do not turn your central air conditioning system back on until someone has looked at the system and given you clearance to do so without further damage Aircon repair service.

2. Find a reputable company offering air con services on the day and at the time you are experiencing difficulty.

If you are lucky, your air conditioner will go out during the afternoon or early morning on a weekday. This is when most air conditioning repair services are open and can be called for an appointment. If you are unlucky (and most people fall into this category), you will have your break down in the middle of the night or on a Sunday, when most repair services are not waiting by the phone to help you out. In this case, you will need to find a service that makes emergency calls around the clock.

Note that you will pay more for emergency services, so you might consider sitting in the heat until they can get to you with a regular appointment. If that is not an option, then find a reputable company making emergency calls for new clients.

3. Call the service and determine how quickly they can get to your home, and what they will charge.

You have to know the charges to be expected for emergency services before you order them. Once someone comes out to your home and looks at your system, it is too late to argue about extra fees charged for emergency services. These expenses can get quite high, so it is important to ask about them upfront.

If you need your air conditioner fixed fast, you will have to make yourself available at the nearest time a technician can make it to your home. You should be prepared to work with the service to get an appointment that is as quick as possible, while working with their schedule. If you are willing to pay the fees, most air con services are willing to come in the middle of the night or at other inconvenient times to get your system up and running again.

Things You Can Do In Between Air Conditioner Servicing


While there is no substitute for having your air conditioner serviced, you will want to do some things that are going to help you to keep it in better repair. These should of course be done in addition to anything that your current service company suggests.

The first thing you will want to do is to ensure that your air filters are replaced on a monthly basis. While you are going to find that there are some filters that make the claim they can be used for up to 3 months, most will fill up with dirt and pollen and this will affect the efficiency of your system. In fact, if left alone for too long, you will notice a considerable reduction in the cooling effect that your system has.

Air ducts are going to be another area that you will need to address as well. A good idea will be to have a professional company come out and clean these air ducts and ensure that the dust and grime that builds up in them is removed. This includes the air vents and you should notice the air flows more effectively and that there is a reduction in the allergens that blow into the air as well Aircon water leakĀ .

Another important thing you will want to keep in mind is that you should avoid stacking things on your air conditioner as well. Some people will stack furniture and even lawn clipping on these items and that can result in buildup forming in the actual unit itself. Over time, this can break down the efficiency and potentially cause long term damage to the air conditioner.

As you begin to learn more about your system, you can turn your focus to ways that you can help to keep it in good repair at all times as well. Your goals should be to keep it operating at peak performance as long as possible. This will mean you may need to call in the professionals. Especially when you find that there are odd noises or problems that appear with the unit. Since these problems don’t normally just work themselves out, it is essential you have them looked into as quickly as possible.

Remember, the first line of defense your air conditioning unit will have is going to be you. The approach you take to maintaining it and ensuring the unit is properly cared for is going to reduce the number of problems that you are going to have. Just be sure that you continue to schedule the regular air conditioning service calls, to ensure that it remains in tip top shape. You can choose from a number of different companies who can provide this service to you. The importance on them though will be that you find a choice that not only offers an affordable price, but also dependability and quality service as well. This is after all a unit that you will not want to be without during the summer months.