Corporate Executive Protection – Security Tips For Nigeria


Armed attacks, assaults, undisciplined Nigerian authorities road check points, kidnappings, hostage taking and boat hijackings create the spot very dangerous.

Do not become careless if on CXP missions in Nigeria, biafra news

kills. There’s a high degree of crime over the town and to the outskirts of Lagos. This consists of armed robbery, hostage taking and savage armed attack. Robberies and muggings ran by large well equipped classes on an everyday basis and authorities answer in non invasive. Hotel room robberies can be also a critical dilemma in Lagos and therefore are on the growth in Abuja.

Petty crime like pick pocketing, modest assault and bag snatching is normal in most metropolitan places during Nigeria. Learn the nature of this city and stay awake in general markets, shores although walking over the sidewalks. Remain specially for client safety up on coming in Lagos as events of vandalism and carjacking are high across main routes to domestic and international airports, this really may be definitely the most dangerous period of this mission.

The CXP team needs to attitude Lagos like any other barbarous Third World environment. Avoid traveling in the evening and notably the outskirts of this town of Lagos. Your CXP crew ought to be implementing optimum performance in preventative measures for the own clients in Lagos and all through Nigeria.