Article Submission Techniques – How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog/Website


If you’re listening to what experts are saying, you’ll know that article marketing is your best shot in driving enormous traffic to your website. Here are some techniques to maximize the benefits that this amazing internet marketing tool can offer:

Write original articles for your website. Start by writing articles that you can post on your website. It’s very important that you stick with topics related to what you sell so you can keep your web content focused and targeted to the needs of those people who might be interested on what you sell. After posting your articles on your site or blog, ping your site’s RSS feeds.
Submit your articles to EzineArticles article rewriter. The next step is to submit your articles to number 1 article directory which is EzineArticles. To avoid issues about content duplication, I suggest that you rewrite the articles that you’ve used for your website. Just like in your own website, you’ll get your own RSS feed on your EzineArticles’s author page. Use this one each time you submit a new article so you can easily update your followers about your new copies.
Distribute your articles to other directories. Next step is to submit your articles to other directories aside from EzineArticles. To save time and energy, make use of those that rank really well on search page results.
Produce more articles. You’ll enjoy more benefits (more traffic and better page rank) if you multiply the number of articles that you write. You have the option of rewriting your articles so you can save time. Just make sure that they’ll pass anti content duplication software like copyscape. The more articles you distribute, the more popular your website will become in the online arena. This is exactly what you need to attract more traffic and later on, enjoy more leads.
Do not sacrifice the quality of your articles. Doing the process of article marketing over and over again may be exhausting and mentally challenging. But this isn’t a valid reason to come up with lousy articles. Remember, you’ll be judged by your prospects based on the quality of the articles that you publish under your name. If you want these people to trust and respect you, you must offer them nothing but the best. If there are times that you’re not in your best shape to write decent articles, I would suggest that you hire reputable freelance article writers to do the job for you. Believe me, it’s worth every penny especially if you work with those who have proven track record in the online arena.
Improve your click through rate. Multiply the number of people visiting your site by making your resource box very powerful and ultra enticing. Talk about yourself and your website briefly. Insert links using anchor texts and offer your readers with free gift that they can advantage of if they visit your website and sign up to your newsletters.